Monday, February 11, 2013

After Psy and Nasi Kandaq ..

Penang BN

Oh we go again...the feel good programs everywhere. Penang my home state, like it or not BN are not going to wrest Penang from DAP just by some Gangnam show and nasi kandaq beratuq by PM.

The time is running out for UMNO Gerakan and MCA in Penang. After the dust has settel from PM visit and the nasi kandaq has been purge out, what do you do ? You go back to your cocoon and safety and comfort of your home and dreaming..yeaaa we will get back Penang.

Think again ! The reality on the ground is simple.. at least in Penang ,Chinese vote will not revert to BN. The sooner BN accept that fact the better.

Now lets recall how many seats Gerakan won in PRU12? MCA? in Penang.. yes thats right.. pun tarak! Now what are the chances that Gerakan and MCA will turn the tide ? yess same answer folks.. almost as good as nil!

I wrote 3 parts
Pulau Pinang - Do BN stand a chance to win in PRU13?  here , here and here
way back in April 2011. Nothing has change since then. My opinion stays, only UMNO can win Penang back for BN.

But do we want to change and pull some trick out of our sleeve? no UMNO has no balls to tell Gerakan and MCA that you two screwed up the last election and now its our turn to take charge.

We prefers to use the same old tried tested and failed formula ...

Do read my take on this issues . Go and talk to the people on the ground ,they knows if some seats are given to UMNO, chances are BN will win the seats and the state.

But do you think BN will do that? Nope no way, they prefer to feel good with happy happy program when PM visit. So Penang will still be with DAP for at least another 2 terms, unless UMNO do something about it.

Some says the wind of change has swept Penang. Recent polls show that BN have a firm 18 out of the 40 state seats with 5 seats of BN and Pakatan having a 50:50 chance.  

That five seats folks I highighted in my blog way back in 2011.  Give those seats to UMNO and BN will win Penang back!

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