Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pulau Pinang - Do BN stand a chance to win in PRU13? Part 2

Folks. I have tried to tweak and squeeze all i can to look into how on earth BN can win back the states.

We are of course assuming that voting trend of chinese in Penang in 2008 will remained. At the same time we believe that BN especially UMNO has somehow improve their stand in the Malay community. Our Indian friends we pray hard that they are back to MIC now Mr Sammy are no longer the President. Any vote we get from org Cina adalah bonus.

Gerakan and MCA in Penang are just as happy DAP is governing Penang, so lets not count on them to be helpful. But can BN win the state if no Gerakan or MCA calun yang menang?

Emotional as we want to be the fact is BN cannot win the state without Gerakan or MCA . We need chinese in BN to win at least 5 seats.

UMNO has 11 existing seats out of 15 contested. Now let say UMNO Pulau Pinang under Dato Zainal Abidin Osman (Tok Non) has the courage and will power to insist for another 3 seats. Extra 3 seats saja Tok Non tak banyak.  UMNO has been doing all the hard work after PRU12, go ask what you deserve. With 18 DUN seats for UMNO, work hard from now and insyaallah UMNO will take home at least 16 seats.

16 seats meaning we can deny DAP 2/3rd majority, thats a big achievement even if BN lost the state.

And to win the state not so difficult is it? We only need Gerakan/MCA to deliver only 5 seats . Easy? NO its not easy because they kalah all the seats in 2008.. Apa punya tuuuurrrr.

Masih ada harapan folks.. Gerakan was at the helm for almost 40 years takan lah tak ada goodwill langsung dari org  cina untuk mereka.  Unless mereka sendiri yang suka kalah and suka lihat DAP dgn kuasa penuh Cina perintah Penang? Tak make sense langsung kalau 5 seats pun Gerakan dan MCA tak boleh menang kalau mereka bertanding 20 DUN seats. I suspect the former.

Lets put Gerakan/MCA on the spot and see what they can do, if they fail tell them to jump down Penang bridge.

We shall look into which 3 extra seats UMNO need to mintak ..and which 5 seats MCA/Gerakan can win in part 3. Jangan lupa MIC ada 2 kerusi, bonus besar tu kalau menang 1 pun.

Part 3 esok

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