Friday, April 22, 2011

Pulau Pinang - Do BN stand a chance to win in PRU13? Part 3

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Jumlah Pengundi: 22,424
Peratusan Kaum: M: 38.19% C: 50.82% I: 10.7% L: 0.29% 

Jumlah Pengundi: 17,445
Peratusan Kaum: M: 40.03% C: 47.54% I: 11.77% L: 0.66% 

Jumlah Pengundi: 14,995
Peratusan Kaum: M: 37.3% C: 44.05% I: 18.4% L: 0.25% 

There you go ..3 DUN seats previously held by BN chinese assemblymen, but lost to PKR in 2008.

All this while, the Malay votes were solid for BN in  these three areas. except in 2008.

Maybe its time for UMNO to takeover these areas. You can do the mathematic youself.  In the above 3 areas , Assuming 70% turnout  BN need 85% of Malay and Indian votes and 15% of chinese vote. Cukop boleh menang dah. Maybe Machang Bubuk will be a bit tight, well work hard la Aziz Sheik Fadhil or is it Azmi ? tatau laa anak Sheik Fadhil lah Ketua Bhg BUkit Mertajam tu lah.

Tak kan 15% undi cina tak boleh dapat? bukan nak 30% pun..nak 15% ja..tak sampai 1200 undi cina di perlukan di setiap DUN tersebut untuk BN menang.   Kalau itu pun Gerakan tak boleh tolong deliver, tutup kedai lah Gerakan, get out of Malaysian politic. Selama ni depa menang guna undi Melayu takan tak boleh tolong kot haiya..

It is time to take drastic measure. kalau bagi Gerakan/MCA tanding di 3 kawasan ni pun pasti kalah. So lets take calculated risk and put UMNO candidates. 

With that 3 additional allocation for UMNO, jadi 18 seats, say kalah 2 seats (Ptg Pasir, Penanti) , at best UMNO can win  at least 16 DUN. Thats reducing 2/3 majority.

5 seats lagi Gerakan/MC kena deliver lah, saya malas nak cari DUN mana depa buleh menang.  Macam tidak ada yang boleh menang rasa nya. Unless Gerakan/MCA are serious about capturing back the state for BN, there is no point discussing on their behalf. Or maybe they dont want to deliver? because by doing so ada possibility Chief Minister Melayu? Tak kan lah memang 5 seats masih nak claim CM seats untuk orang cina?

There you go folks, depa tak buleh menang kawasan cina might as well depa kalah semua rather than CM orang Melayu. Nampak dak kawan kawan?

So apa kata UMNO Pulau Pinang? ada berani ka? Capturing back Penang totally depends on UMNO. Its on your shoulders DS Najib and Dato Zainal. WE are counting on you. If Gerakan/MCA refuse to cooperate  to let UMNO contest additional seats, can only mean one thing..they are not willing to see Melayu rule Penang. An if that is the case, DAP will rule Penang for decades to come.

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