Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday - NO politic please.

Look people, there are more to life than politics. Certainly more than Anwar  in politics too.

So lets take a break its Sunday.

EPL is coming to an end. Chelsea is breathing down MU's neck.  The gunners are goners again..

I belong to the group that support any other team in EPL other than MU. I hate those glory chasers who support MU. They always belagak more than it should be so much so they forgot they are not English ..haiya..

So Chelsea has always been my favourite team way back when Ruud Gullit was playing for Chelsea in 1995. Gunners also sometimes get my attention, but you now Gunners are good for 20 ++ minutes  only.

So today Sunday 1/5/11 will be crucial.  Last nite Chelsea beat Spurs 2 -1 with the help of the linesman..twice. Devine intervention maybe?

MU play Gunners today and if they beat the GUnners, Chelsea can kiss the Cup goodbye.

Playing at home the Gunners might still want to salvage some pride, who knows MU kalah tonite and the title race will be decided next week, when MU play Chelsea at Old Trafford. Now that would be interesting ..

Oh ya Congratulation to Bill and Kate on their wedding.

Wow look at that wedding gown..canteeek nyerrrrrr

AND happy Labor Day to everyone..Have a nice sunday at jangan lupa to watch MU vs Arsenal tonite.. Please root for gunners..thank you.

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