Saturday, April 30, 2011

Khalid Samad cakap DS Najib gila dan lebih sayang DAP dari saudara sesama Islam.

Khalid Samad the PAS central committe member and Shah ALam MP said that DS najib must be crazy and have run out of ideas in inviting PAS to join BN.  

He further praise DAP for being more tolerant towards Islam dan UMNO itself.

Yes you are right. DAP is more Islamic than UMNO and that is the reason PAS is prepared to work with them. With a declaration from PAS, PAS can rest assured that they will lose more Malay votes and Manik Urai was the starting point. PAS has lost all by-election being held after that and they even lost in their stronghold of Galas. 

The PM had held out an olive branch for the good of the Ummah and people like Khalid Samad, Salahuddin Ayub and Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad may have the opportunities to play a part in the government as Ministers. The sign is very clear that PR will never win the next election even with PAS still being in PR. So if PAS is really sincere in fighting for the Islamic cause, what better ways than to be in the government and working from inside. We all know about DAP's Malaysian Malaysia and this concept is the first step in trying to weaken the Malays and moving along the ways of Singapore. We all know that Singapore had sidelined the Malays and even ther Armed Forces, especially their Air Force is out of bound to the Malays there. So PAS wake up for the good of the Ummah. 

“PAS will not give a lifeline to Umno and its fight for Malay supremacy. Umno only wants to represent the Malays while PAS will fight for Islam, Malays, Chinese, Indians and other communities in the country,” .......... Actually UMNO is giving the lifeline to PAS and not the other way round. PAS has been mauled badly even in its stronghold and lost all the seats it contested in Sarawak. Yet Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad failed to see this and still insist, unrealistically, that PAS is better off with the DAP. UMNO/BN had never sidelined any race in Malaysia for the 50 years it ruled the country and this can be seen if you opened your eyes, listened if you opened your ears and be realistic in your assessments.

P/S YB Shahril Samad..have you not teach your brother some manners?


Mustaqim said...

I know this big-mouth big-headed when he was in UK as my senior. At that time I just reserved my comments on any subject he was bragging about.

Now I am more than confident that he is not a Muslim. Let us hope the current Pope gives him a title Saint Khalid Samad. How wonders PAS supporters are bunch of idiots and at a low ebb of bulls maybe.

mk said...

Rakyat dah faham...
Kalau tuan sokong kebaikan yang Najib buat... tertalak 3 isteri tuan.
Jadi suka tak suka..bangkang terpaksa diteruskan.
Anologi bawa kereta pusing kiri saja jadi berposing posing saja. Kalau posing kanan hilang isteri dengan cina buta.
Jadi .... kalau tuan baru nak cakap ..kami dah tahu ini nya...fahamm sangat daah.
Nasihat..lain kali kalau di offer bertanding..jangan gelojoh sangat..tanya abang awak yang bertaraf negarawan dan cerdik.