Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blogging Mindfully And Responsibly

Just got home from attending the 1st Malaysia -ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference at Intercontinental Hotel KL. And if you have not herd about it, don't worry about it, you must have been deemed anti establishment and are not invited. Either that or no one knows that you have a blog.

I was skeptic in the beginning, are there any benefits that possibly can be obtain from attending?. Can i learn anything i dont know about? Is this what bloggers want? Aren't we the type that hide form limelight and write anonymously? In other words do we really.. really..want to blog responsibly? Attending this conference would  stay in one consciousness and would somehow make bloggers toe the line so to speak, in other words one have to blog mindfully . Now ins't that exactly what we bloggers want to avoid.  We would prefer to be a free willy unattached to anything rite?.

Well i kept telling myself..go..go.. after all you ex boss personally invites you. You get a chance to meet Tun Mahathir and maybe snap a picture with him. Of course DS Najib will be there too, but he will still be around for a little while longer than Tun, no need to rush and take picture with DS Najib.

And the end of the day I got more than what i bargain for, no regret whatsoever attending such a well coordinated and fruitful conference. Kudos to Bloghouse Malaysia.

I'll share with all later if I feel like it. And if I can write interesting enough about the 2 workshop I attended during the conference, I stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy from the Organizer.

I think i pass the chance .... my writing is priceless you cant equate a Samsung Galaxy to it. Or maybe what the heck I'll write later. If  I do write, its because i want to share my experience during the conference with all, not because i want to win anything ( yea rite who are you trying to bull.?)  I wont share the Galaxy though.

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