Wednesday, April 3, 2013


As I predicted in earlier post, Parliament wil be dissolved within 2 weeks, and it came earlier than expected.

PM picked 3/4/2013 , exactly  4 years as a Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament. Now thats an easy guess but no one did figure it out .

And it doesn't take long for those jack ass to say something negative about it.

Dah nama pembangkang ni memang bebal.. semua nak di bangkang nya. Tak di bubar melalak suruh bubar, dah di bubar macam macam pulak depa kata.

I attach two example, one from DAP and one from PAS. Of course PKR response delayed a bit as they are busy with their fingers doing something they love the most ( sexual in nature if you know what I mean ).

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BN Chairman Najib Razak couldn't have chosen a more inauspicious day to dissolve Parliament. According to the Lunar calendar, this is the "worst day of the year", when important decisions should not be made.

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