Monday, March 18, 2013


and the dumb one just tag along for the rides

Election is coming folks.  Think and use your head before you vote. Never let emotion control you when its time to vote.  Fikir dan Zikir!

Let me articulate my view on DAP’s election strategy.
I have mentioned before that the minority will able to exert leverage far beyond their numbers if and only if and when the majority is divided.
DAP knows this and they are skillfully exploiting this by dividing the Muslim (malay) community by using PAS vs UMNO.

That’s why DAP is the most loyal member of the Pakatan coalition and still hanging on despite PAS’ extremist agenda.

DAP knows that they are strong when the Muslims are divided and they have been fueling the fire by bringing up various explosive issues.
That’s why, for example, LGE brought up the Kalimah Allah issue during his Xmas speech.
DAP also knows that the demographic clock is against them and that the longer it goes, the weaker their position becomes.
 As such, this GE is a pivotal event in their political career. If they don’t succeed this time, then they will never get another chance.
Unfortunately the Malay Muslim community has been consumed up with petty differences and allowing themselves to be played out by DAP.
The ABU campaign, ironically initiated by a Malay activist himself, is another example Malays are being blinded by partisan politics and work toward their own destructions.
DAP’s position vis-√†-vis is simple. They demand equal rights without equal sacrifice or equal responsibility.

They want to retain all their cultural, economic and political rights while demanding the special rights the bumis enjoyed in lieu of granting of citizenships to non-bumis to be relinquished.

To disguise this outrageous piece of con job, they paint as Malaysian Malaysia concept. I would rate this is the con job of the century, occupying the same exalted space as Maddox’s masterpiece.

The Malays should never vote for DAP..period. I am a racist and proud of it. Unlike DAP who pretends !

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Bee said...

Lol...That's not racist bro. That's survival instinct. Just like the Chinese, but the Chinese really good at hiding their racist attitude.