Wednesday, July 13, 2011


TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011

Supersized Fancy Colored Diamond Rings from Jacob & Co.

A 30.11-ct. natural fancy blue gray cushion-cut diamond mounted on a platinum setting. The VVS2 clarity diamond is surrounded with 414 diamonds in a micro-pave setting (3.48 cts.). It retails for $20 million.

As I mentioned previously, I visited the Jacob & Co. showroom at Baselworld, the world’s largest watch and jewelry show, and saw so much sparkle from the high-carat diamond jewelry on display that it took me a few minutes to adjust my eyes to normal light afterward.

A 12.38-ct. fancy blue radiant cut diamond mounted on a platinum and 18k rose gold ring. The IF clarity diamond is surrounded by 1.01 cts. of fancy pink diamonds and 1.25 cts. of white diamonds in a micro-pave setting. It retails for $12.25 million.

Jacob Arabo, founder and owner of the company known for its celebrity clientele and over-the-top bling appeal, really out-did himself this time. Included in this jewelry display were three fancy colored diamond rings ranging in price from $10 million to $20 million. The folks at Jacob & Co. were kind enough to give me images of these statement rings so I can share them with you. All of the diamonds come with Gemological Institute of America reports that speak to their authenticity.

A 12.95-ct. fancy purple-pink radiant cut diamond engagement ring. The IF clarity diamond is mounted on a platinum and 18k rose gold splint shank setting that's mounted with 87 white diamonds (1.17 cts.) and 124 pink diamonds (0.31 cts.) in a micro-pave setting It retails for $11.6 million.

These are rings that would even impress Kim Kardashian.


Anonymous said...

Hanya minta pihak KDRM supaya menyatakan sama ada 'screen' dan data seperti tercatat itu benar belaka.

Against The Wind said...

anon 4:46 KDRM tidak akan mengulas rumors. Kecuali ada laporan Polis atau ada kesalahan jenayah yg berlaku

Reveal said...

aduihhh...xkan ler rosmah tu bodoh cam pembangkang semua...beli barang kemas x payah tgk2 keadaan dulu, saiz dah check ke???dah tu pulak barang harge juta2, hantar kurier???giler hebat...

dah tu plak kalo betul ler rosmah yg beli pakai duit kerajaan, ape ke bangang dia nak pakai name betul die...korek lobang kubur sendiri ke???

otak pembangkang mmg besar kacang tanah, aper yg diorg tau???fitnah jer tau...