Thursday, July 14, 2011



Unspinners: Good morning Datin Seri First Lady.

Rosy: Haaa. . ., good morning. Apa buat sini, nak apa?

Unspinners: First of all thank you for seeing me Puan Seri. I know you are still jet lag after all that shopping in London and Rome.

Rosy: Ahhh. . . no problem, I am not really very tired. Masa shopping tu I just point what I want and my PA will do the haggling and what not. They also carry my things to the hotel and the airport. Tapi I upset lah sikit, this time those people in MAS don’t allow me to carry more than 500 kilos.

Unspinners: Apasal pulak Puan Seri First Lady?

Rosy: Well they told me I am already over 100 kilos and with my baggage add up will be more than 600 kilos. You know lah this MAS, they also want to save fuel and make profit. Never mind lah. Ahh. . , actually why you want to see me?

Unspinners: Macam ni Puan Seri First Lady, there has been report in several anti-UMNO blogs writing about you buying RM74 million cicin berlian. You tahu lah all those blogs, selalu talk negative about you. . ., tak habis-habis. Tapi betul ke Puan Seri?

Rosy: Haa! Betul lah tu. . ., cuba tengok ni, cantik tak?
She lifts up her right arm and shows her middle finger. Unspinners has to shield her eyes from the brilliant rays sparkling from the diamond ring.

Unspinners: Huh. . ., silau, silau, silau. . ., cantik-cantik Puan Seri!

Rosy: You tak perasan ke. . ., see my diamond bangles also. Cantik kan, belang-belang macam Zebra.

Unspinners: Yes, yes Puan Seri memang cantik. Tapi sekarang I nak tanya pasal diamond ring tu. . ., betul ke diamond ring tu RM74 million?

Rosy: Haa. . ., betul lah tu! Kenapa you jalous ke?

Unspinners: Tak lah Puan Seri. But what will the people think you pakai mahal-mahal macam ni. Now the people, with the price of food escalating, nak makan pun susah!

Rosy: Apa I peduli. . ., if they cannot eat rice, “let them eat cake” lah! Apa susah-susah!

Unspinners: But Puan Seri First Lady, the cake is more expensive than the rice?

Rosmah: Haaa. . ., whatever lah! The people mesti tahu, I ni First Lady tau, mesti kena ada hobi tunjuk example dengan rakyaat Malaysia!

Unspinners: Hobi apa tu, Puan Seri First Lady”

Rosy: Ahhhh. . ., nak tahu? Kalau Imelda Marcos collect kasut, I collect handbag and jewelry lah!

Unspinners: Oh macam tu. . .!

Rosy: Is there anything else you want to ask me?

Unspinners: No, no, no. . . Puan Seri First Lady itu saja. . ., thank you Puan Seri.
    Bro unspinners jangan marah ya..saya petik dari komen article di RPK pandai mereka buat cerita !


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Anonymous said...

R.Pu.K memang dah habis idea nak serang umno dan najib
jadi serang bini orang senang sikit lah!

anak jantan tak akan serang bini orang,kalau mahu lawan, lawan najib lah!