Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Actually kan..puak puak haramjadah ni depa nak apa pun saya tatau.. mula lah aku nak maki ni. Dia yang buat police report ..lepas tu polis siasat dan nak bawa ke mahkamah Dato T bertiga.. dah depa kata lagu ni pulak dah..
Dulu depa juga kata cepat bawak ke muka pengadilan siapa yang edar video sex!.. La ni depa kata bawak ke mahkamah pun depa kata bawak mahkamah pun tadak makna AG berat sebelah.  ADOI LAA..haram jadah sungguh la ANwar Ibrahim ni!!.. Tapi yang lagi haramjadah ..bodo bodo piang yang di ikut cakap Anwar ..lagi lah..dah la haram jadah..bodoh pulak..
Serupa Dajjal bermata satu betul Anwar ni!.. sesuai dengan lambang PKR mata satu.. dah sah sah Dajjal..tu pun dak.... orang melayu ISlam ikut jugakkkkkkkk...hadoi tatau la apa nak jadi dengan Malaysia ku ini.
Anwar Ibrahim is unconvinced that anything will come of the charge against the ‘Datuk T’ trio in relation to a sex video that has implicated him despite his denial of involvement.
“Knowing the AG (attorney-general) and his track record, I’m sure it will be a very minimal sort of charge to appease the forces, like the other politically motivated charges, except when it involves the opposition leaders,” he said.
Businessperson Shazryl Eskay Abdullah said earlier today that the three will be charged at a Kuala Lumpur court on Friday.
“I don’t know,(I) didn’t hear, cases like these (are) postponed (for) many months, (it) will raise many questions,” complained Anwar when approached in the Parliament lobby today.
“I don’t know, because a straightforward case like (this has been) deferred (for) far too long and then, it (the video) is still (being) widely distributed, encouraged by the government, tolerated by the (Home) Ministry and the police.
“It’s impossible for pornographic material to be publicised and released by hundreds and thousands, if (this) is not protected by the powers-that-be.”
On March 21, a mysterious individual had shown the sex video at a luxury hotel in Kuala Lumpur, at a screening arranged for editors and journalists.
Eskay, along with former Malacca chief minister Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik and former Perkasa treasurer-general Shuib Lazim, later admitted to being behind the exposé at the Carcosa Seri Negara hotel.
Although the man in the video is said to closely resemble Anwar, he has denied any involvement and lodged a police report.

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