Monday, May 23, 2011

Wikileaks - Eskay a double agent and that stupid fool trusted him

Classified By: Political Section Chief Mark D. Clark for reasons 1.4 (b and d).  Correspondence via cable from US Embassy Kuala Lumpur and Washington.  
(S) The Honorary Thai Consul in Langkawi, Malaysian businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah (protect throughout), described Thai Malay separatist use of Malaysian territory as a safe haven and insurgents' views of the conflict during a February 5 meeting with polchief. 
Eskay, who was a leading Malaysian facilitator of the dialogue with Thai insurgents hosted by former Prime Minister Mahathir, argued that the older generation insurgency leaders, mostly resident in Malaysia, remained relevant as they provided needed support services and safe haven to younger leaders.  He identified only one old guard leader as actively ordering attacks, and estimated that criminal gangs and Thai security services were responsible for 70 percent of the recent violence. 
He said he did not see links yet between the Thai insurgents and regional or international terrorists, but recognized the potential and encouraged the U.S. to keep a close watch.  He also noted, however, that the insurgents received financial assistance via Singapore from unknown sources.  The now-ended peace initiative by Mahathir produced a ten-page "peace proposal" signed by old guard leaders, but which failed to gain much response from Bangkok.  Eskay believed that the February 11-12 visit to Thailand by Prime Minister Abdullah would result in the Malaysian external intelligence organization (MEIO) taking up a "facilitation" role in discussions between Thai intelligence and southern insurgents, though Eskay was pessimistic as to the prospects.
Eskay shared a 12-page paper on the insurgency and Thai Malay views, resulting from his interviews with numerous separatist leaders, which he had submitted to MEIO February. End Summary.
So there you go folks. Eskay was a handy man for Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah, and at the same time he was "Pegawai Maksiat" rasmi Anwar.
He spy for America and he spied for Malaysia and Thailand.
We can conclude one thing only from all this new revelation from wikileaks and that is Eskay is a well trusted person by Thai, Malaysian government, and US government.  
Who are we not to agree with them?  Hence that video sex and his SUMPAH LAKNAT ?  Boleh la kita percaya hehe.. 


Ular Menyusur Akar said...

Kalau gitu Datok Eskay main kiri kanan. Macam mana pula depan belakang?

Against The Wind said...

depan blakang tu you pun tau sapa ulaq hehe ..bro anwar bin ibrahim lah