Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wikileaks - Altantuya Murder -Pak Lah conspirasi untuk pastikan Najib tidak naik jadi PM?

Pendedahan terbaru dari wikileaks yang di siarkan oleh Asia Sentinel.

Note : WIkileaks are leak cable correspondence between US embassies and Washington
A February 2008 cable from Political Section Chief Clark gives a hint that then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may have been trying to get rid of Najib by forcing Razak Baginda to implicate him in the murder. 

"In the latest turn of the ongoing Altantuya murder trial (reftels), accused political insider Abdul Razak Baginda, who has remained calm and composed through most of the proceedings, unleashed an emotional tirade shortly after the February 20 noon recess on the trial's 90th day," Clark wrote. "Referring to the Prime Minister by his nick-name "Pak Lah," Razak reportedly exclaimed: "You can die, Pak Lah! (in Malaysian - "Matilah kau, Pak Lah!") I'm innocent!" according to unpublished journalist accounts.  

During the trial, Clark wrote, Razak Baginda, "appeared uneasy throughout the morning session of court on February 20. Razak's father, Abdullah Malim Baginda had whispered something to him shortly before the trial had begun for the morning and apparently upset the accused.  Razak had remained quiet throughout the morning hearings, but just after the noon recess was called and as he was leaving the courtroom he kicked and banged the door and yelled "You can die, Pak Lah! Die, Pak Lah! I am innocent. I am innocent." He was later seen crying before his lawyer while his mother attempted to comfort him." 

Speculation is rife in Malaysia's on-line community concerning what it was that set off Razak Baginda outburst, including conspiracy theories alleging the Prime Minister's office had urged Razak to implicate Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak … in return for sparing Razak a guilty verdict and its mandatory death sentence.  

Alright folks, despite the title wikileaks doesn't prove anything except assumption that something  triggered Razak Baginda to scream Pak Lah die...was from Pak Lah.

There has been talks previously about this . Nothing was proven. Further more that was in February 2008. PRU12 was in March 2008, you folks think Pak Lah is stupid to paint blood on Najib face so close to the election indirectly putting UMNO in bad light?

Pak Lah is not stupid but his son in law might be .ROTFL.

In any case  wikileaks shows that DS Najib has nothing to do with Altantuya other than attempts by others to link him to the case.

1 up for DS Najib . 2 down for Anwar and KJ .

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