Thursday, May 19, 2011

MalaysiaKini dan Malaysia Insider masih terus mainkan issue Perang Salib

Most bloggers do not want to be drag into this Perang Salib issues 

as most of us understand the sensitivities. However, looks like

Pro Pembangkang media is not going to stop spinning the issue

Hence, this blogger will write about this issue with heavy heart. 

We are opening the door to the unknown territory folks.

Here is a lenghty comment from my reader Burung Merbuk when 

I wrote about this issue few days back.Since his comments is

lenghty and worthy of a blog entry by itself, I post it again for 

all to read.

Anonymous Burung Merbok said...

1. To me, what IA is trying to insinuate is to hammer in the message, " Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned".

2. Far too often, for reasons even the simplest of fools can read, deregotary even to the extent of being insensitive and racial -in nature, certain groups have been getting away with actions that should have been punished. They always say, " Nip it in the bud" BUT this is one thing the authorities seem to shy away from.

3. We have Laws and Acts, including the ISA, for the authorities to use and enforce. I guess the anti-ISA groups would surely plague the issue even further ; just to be safe in their pursuit of making deregatory, racially-slurred and insensitive remarks without fear of being arrested !

4. If IA or other IAs appear to be retaliatory, then blame NOT them entirely, but those that started it all , conveniently hiding behind the veil of political blackmailimng !!!! If IA appears to be challending, then we should also accept the fact that he has been thrown the gauntlet and has bravely responded to the challenge.

5. Granted, that there will be similar retaliations by other affected groups. Anf if all sense of reasons and civility are thrown to the dogs , then certainly all Hell will break loose; and who suffers ? And So, what's the lesson here ? May I suggest that we don't get greedy and demand for things that we aren't entitled for. Respect the rights of others, as enshrined in the Constitution. Everyone of us is safe-guarded , via the Constitution. It's only when we try to question the rights of others (again as in the Constitution) just to appear heroic in the eyes of our own clan, then that's where trouble will begin. We say we endear ourselves to harmonious living, cherishing political stability etc, etc; BUT when we become selfish, greedy as political bigots, very selfish and never appear to be thankful for what we have been given and provided for, then we act as if everyone else can go to blazes while we continue to reap all the riches in the country. And suddenly economic power is now NOT enough . There has to be more cause we are greedy and very selfish !

6. And surely we too must accept the fact that there'll be retaliation. Nobody on earth would give in without a fight, especially if it is about the preservation , survival and dignity of one's own race or creed. If three years ago there was no voice of dissent and no groups brave enough to retaliate , then things have changed. There are now people, ordinary citizens, who have read the game and know what each group or political party is up to. They know who the traitors are ; they can identify the true Malysians from the false ; they have proof of those who do not have the interest of the nation at heart. So if there appear to be more IAs coming out in the open, just fighting for their rights as enshrined in the Constitution while at the same time NEVER chiding others of theirs, then don't you think it is a natural process to accept the challenge when thrown the gauntlet ???
May 15, 2011 8:04:00 PM GMT+08:00

Blogger Against The Wind said...

Burung Merbok you hit the jackpot. IA is just an example to what will happen if we don't govern well in this multi-ethnic multi religious society.

There are various laws in KDN disposal that can be used to curtail direct attack on our constitution as per Penang pastors issue.

Amazingly we refused to use the law and we let this issue play it out on its natural course.

I bet you the end is ugly if KDN refuse to act soon.
May 15, 2011 8:19:00 PM GMT+08:00

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