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Here We Go Again - JPA Scholarship so called unfair allocation

Setiap tahun kita akan dihidangkan dengan ketidakpuasan hati kaum cina terutama sekali berkenaan dengan Scholarship allocation untuk keluar negara oleh JPA - Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) untuk lepasan SPM

Setiap tahun kita akan lihat seolah olah hanya kaum Cina yang mendapat Straight A+ dan hanya mereka yang layak untuk mendapat biasiswa tersebut.

Mereka masih lagi di buai mimpi lama bahawa hanya mereka yang pandai dan semua mereka harus di beri biasiswa keluar negara.

Mereka lupa bahawa ramai sekali anak anak melayu yang dapat 10A+ dan 9A+.  Dan mengikut taraf socio ekonomi anak anak melayu ini lebih berhak dari anak anak cina yang rata rata nya dari golongan yang berada.

Masa sebegini lah kita akan lihat hearsay di sana sini berkenaan dengan anak anak yang mendapat keputusan kurang cemerlang contoh nya 6A+ atau 5A+ dapat biasiswa tetapi anak anak cina tidak dapat biasiswa.

Malangnya semua itu hanya hearsay.  Kalau ada yang dapat biasiswa sedemikian adalah untuk Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (PIDN) melalui MARA.

Rasa tidak puas hati yang kita dengar selalu nya tidak mengasingkan antara PIDN dan PILN.

The underlying reason is of course very simple.  DAP are trying to shows that BN government are not being fair. Chinese top scorers are overlooked while anak anak melayu yang kurang cemerlang dapat biasiswa.

This is a very sick political game by DAP .

I personally have three daughters that have sat for SPM .  The first one got straight 9A1 (back in 2003) got her JPA scholarship and now with bachelors degree and Master from USA CGPA 3.81. My 2nd daughter in 2006 only get 6A1 and I never cry foul play without scholarship. She is now in UITM.  My 3rd daughter in 2009  got 10A+ and now with Bank Negara Scholarship doing A- Level bound to UK.

So listen orang orang cina, bukan cina sahaja yang cerdik. Ramai lagi anak anak melayu seperti anak anak saya yang timbul dari sekolah sekolah SBP dan MRSM yang mendapat Straight A+.

SO please don't cry foul every year that you people are not being treated fairly.

The fact remains that there are more bright malay students than the amount of scholarship from JPA.

Still JPA year in and year out gave out almost equal number of scholarships to Malay and Non Malay.  By right, all the scholarship should have been for the Malays as provided for in the constitution.

Go look at INTEC or at other preparatory colleges for JPA students and you will see what I'm saying is true.

Every year you will see MCA and DAP make stories of unsuccessful top students of chinese origin fail to get scholarship. My question  is simple, if your result is the same as Malay top students , but your father makes millions every year compared to Malay kampong folks who only make enough to get by.. who should get the scholarship?

I'm really pissed off by this drama every year.

And where are UMNO? PERKASA in all this? No one comes up to the defence of Malay students. I am sure they are Malays students who are also fail to get PILN.

Or at least Pemuda UMNO get the list from JPA and shows all who gets what and where? Please la folks.. the Malays students should be supported morally on this issue.

By the way can JPA also get the list of students who were given scholarships and then never come back to Malaysia?  I BET you will see the majority in the list are CHINESE students. Why do we keep giving this ungrateful people scholarship? They are not going to come back and serve the country as required in the Scholarship agreement.

Enough of me rumblings.. BIKIN panas sahaja..  Read the article below,, look how MCA fight with DAP over scholarship for orang cina.... KJ Pemuda UMNO buat apa? main teloq pandai la hangpa.. idiot.

Sut up and let us fix PSD problem MCA tells DAP By Yow Hong Chieh May 20 2011 KUALA LUMPUR May 20 — 

MCA Youth has accused the DAP of exploiting the controversy over the award of public scholarships for political gain and not to help top scorers overlooked by the Public Service Department PSD MCA Youth secretary-general Datuk Chai Kim Sen said the opposition party was only good at “instigating problems” to curry favour with voters but had so far failed to propose solutions to the annual problem “

If MCA Youth is a show then the DAP is its greatest director and actor as well ” he said in a statement today Chai said MCA Youth was already busy reviewing scholarship appeals to help “victimised” top students but the DAP was slowing matters down by making the public “restless and impulsive” and unable to think clearly “

If DAP has any conscience in them they should at least remain silent and allow us to handle this problem ” he said The prime minister’s decision to give PSD scholarships to all students who achieve 8A in the SPM regardless of race was “only possible thanks to MCA’s constant insistence”

Chai pointed out He urged all parties to be patient while the MCA looked through students’ appeals DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng earlier today called for a full investigation into the education saga which he claimed was draining Malaysia of home-grown talent 

He was responding to the recent idea floated by Education Deputy Minister and MCA Youth chief Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong as a stop-gap move to resolve the recurring problem Wee had suggested that top scorers who did not receive funding to pursue studies at their university of choice first accept offers made to them before filing an appeal with the PSD 

Lim however called the idea “ridiculous” pointing out that it compounded the perception of injustice as the beneficiaries of the problematic system were let off while the “victims” were punished for red-tape errors “

How can the Economic Transformation Programme ETP efforts to attract and retain human talent work when the federal government officials cannot even get right the simple job of offering scholarships to the best students and instead awarding them to the worst ” the Penang chief minister said in a statement 

The award of public scholarships recurs annually following the announcement of the SPM results. Wee had told reporters yesterday some 363 straight A students who deserved to be funded to study abroad had lost out to those with lower grades 

The MCA Youth chief said the PSD — which decides on the scholarships — had offered the top scholars local matriculation or diploma programmes Wee added that the issue would be raised at the Cabinet meeting next week.

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