Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forgotten girl dies in car

This blogger is really sad that a 3 year old girl died because her dad left her in his car ..windows all lock up in hot sun for 1 hour.

NO excuse can bring her back to life.. AL fatihah
TUMPAT: In a rush to attend a cousin's funeral, a man forgot about his three-year-old daughter who was sleeping in the car under the blazing sun about 500m away from the cemetery at Kampung Morak near here.
By the time he remembered about her more than an hour later, the girl had already suffered serious heatstroke.
In the 11.45am incident, Nor Izyan Natasya Ishak died of severe heatstroke while being rushed to a nearby clinic.
Tragic end: Nor Izyan Natasya died of severe heatstroke while being rushed to a nearby clinic in Tumpat, Monday.
Her father Ishak Salleh said he was in such a hurry to attend the funeral yesterday that the moment he arrived at the cemetery, he just parked his car, turned off the engine and locked the vehicle.
“I totally forgot that my daughter was sleeping in the back seat.
“After some time, I remembered about her but it was too late,” he said when met here.
Ishak said the moment he remembered that Nor Izyan Natasya was in the car, he rushed to her aid together with several villagers.
He said at that time his daughter was crying and her baju kurung was soaked with sweat.
“We tried to revive her but she was too weak. She died while on the way to the clinic in Wakaf Baru.
“I never expected that immediately after attending a relative's funeral, I will be attending my own daughter's funeral,” the distraught father said.
Ishak, who is the chief of security at the Kota Baru UiTM, said he and his daughter left their house in Kampung Belukar, Machang at 9am to attend the funeral.
He said Nor Izyan Natasya, who was so excited to visit her aunt at Kampung Laut here, had worn her best baju kurung for the trip.
He said his wife did not follow him on the trip as she had to look after their five other children.
District OCPD Superintendent Khalid Munap confirmed the incident and said it had been classified as sudden death.
He said police have also ruled out foul play in the case.

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Cuba bayangkan kesengsaraan anak kecil ini sebelum kematiannya. Panas dan lemas di dalam kereta sendirian..hanya terdaya untuk menangis...Cuba bayang jika anda berada didalam keadaan sebegitu...