Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Chinese Dilemma

Today so much on my mind so ambik subsidi sikit cedok artikel from Kritis online my comment is at the end.

18 May 2011

The Chinese Dilema

After the failure of the 1Malaysia programme to attract the Chinese Malaysian community back into supporting the current Government, the Chinese are in a dilemma. As is the current Government. Which way to take, and which road can convince them that the current Government is the road to take, and if not, what are the consequences? Why the rejection of the 1Malaysia programme ?

Looking back at history, this dilemma has been accumulating over time, with no help from the current stock of Leaders who claim to be the voice of the Chinese in Cabinet. It’s now too late and probably too far out to save.

In the Chinese Malaysian mind, they are going to vote DAP in the next General Election (GE),what they believe is, that by voting for DAP en-mass, this will lead to the demise of MCA, Gerakan and other self proclaimed Chinese driven Barisan Nasional party, giving the current Government no choice but to deal with DAP in terms that are favourable not only to the current Government, but to DAP together. This will in turn lead to DAP entering the Government together with the larger Barisan Nasional. Politics is all about the numbers, never forget that.

Now this is what’s going on in the Chinese Malaysian’s mind, this is what he is fed everyday to think about, from comics to book, papers to social media, giving them the one main goal to put the people they believe can represent them, in Government. Either by pushing out Barisan Nasional completely in the next GE, or by getting Barisan Nasional to accept them into the fold. The later is going to be extremely tricky, giving the past relationship record between the current Leaders of DAP and Barisan Nasional who have a long love hate history among them. What will all the name calling and warm embraces we have seen on national tv live from Parliament.

What is the next move ? The intimidation and unorthodox behaviour currently seen and read in major newspapers doesn’t work as this was all tried and painfully seen to be a failure pre May 69. Up to a point that even MCA walked out of cabinet then creating a revolt which ended in bloodshed, which is what we Malaysians do not want, and hopefully a peaceful POLITICALsolution will be made before the next General Election which will give both the DAP and Barisan Nasional something to think about before even going to the Polls.

PKR and PAS will probably not be party to these negotiations if any, as they are seen as the weak links in the Opposition Pact. Do as they may, the votes are going into the DAP bag come the next General Election.


SO they you go folks. Thats the name of the game. 

The chinese wants to get rid of MCA/GERAKAN which are no longer effective in representing them in goverment. The are going to vote lock stock and barrel for DAP in PRU13.

By doing that they will kill two birds in one stone and a win win situation to them either way.

MCA/Gerakan will die agter PRU13.  At the same time PR might get the majority for Parliamen.

Worse case scenario, BN still rule the country but with solid chinese support behind DAP, BN have no choice but to talk to DAP on their term.

Where are PKR and PAS in this? Yes thats right, they are not relevant at all. PKR and PAS are just mere tools for the chinese in DAP>

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