Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video Anwar Part II - In protest of possible gag order against PAPAGOMO blog

It was never my intention to be part of the group that put Anwar video. Linking to other blog so that you all can go and view would be suffiicient.

However, as the above video has been block from youtube ( understandable because of nudity) and because there is genuine effort from the Anwarista camp to further put a gag order on Papagomo blog from ever appearing again, I hereby upload the video as part of blog comradeship and in protest of the move to get google to ban Papagomo.

Let it be known wahai Anwarista, there are thousands of anti Anwar blog, killing Papagomo blog will not make any different.

Anda lihat dan anda decide sendiri, this is freedom of speech as always champion by the opposition.!

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