Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look less like Anwar, the 2nd time around

The two trailers on the sex video. Has it prove anything?

                                                    Muka kelat ? Guilty feeling ka? (Video 2)

Honestly , it looks like him but honestly can you really be sure?

Unless you have watch the full length of the sex act, i dont think you can outrightly says that it is Anwar Ibrahim.

The first trailer has glimps of the man face which looks like Anwar. Now the 2nd trailer, the man somehow look less like Anwar facewise.

What makes it credible, is Datuk Eskay insistence that he was there and he arrange the session for Anwar. No person would put their good name on the line just to expose Anwar as the repercussion is huge.

Reportedly the Trio will be making their "sumpah laknat" di Masjid Wilayah jalan duta lepas sembahyang jumaat esok.

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iskandarsyed said...

once a thief will always be one