Friday, March 28, 2008


On 14th March 2008 we made an application for a fixed line for our company IGIV Technology Sdn Bhd (375384P) at Maxis Service Centre in Klang. We were told that within 7 days, someone will contact us about the status of the application.

After 10 days we received no news from Maxis. We cannot contact them because it is Maxis policy that no telephone number is allowed to be given to customers. So, on 25 March 2008, we went back to the Maxis Service Centre in Klang. To our surprise, we were told to make another fresh application because there seemed to be no record on our application. That afternoon we went again and after a tense argument with the Maxis personnel, we were informed that they did found our application in the record dated 14 March 2008. They promised to process the application within 2 days.

After 2 days, we got a call saying that they need 3 months bank statement. This is another surprise because this requirement is not stated in the application form from the very beginning nor informed by the person who received the application form.

My questions to Maxis are :
Why is it that your Customer Service (1-800-821-123) cannot record any complaints from customer? We were asked to call another number (1-800-821-919) for complaints.
Why is it we have to call 1-800-821-123 for any communication and every time we speak to different personnel, we have to explain our problem all over again. No specific reference given to any communication. For new application, the funny thing is…your personnel always ask for Maxis telephone number. Of course I don’t have a Maxis Telephone number, that’s why I am applying…
Why in the application form for fixed line, it was not mentioned that you need a 3 months bank statement when that is your mandatory requirement?
Why you need to see the 3 months bank statement in the first place? A fixed line is a necessity…even though a company have a very good 3 months bank statement, if they don’t bother to pay the monthly bill, so what can Maxis do? I suggest, you get a deposit from the company rather than asking for a bank statement. We are not applying for a financial loan here.

Due to the difficulties above, not mentioning the location of the Maxis Service Centre in Klang which is at a very congested not easily assessible area, many business premises at our area gave up in getting a fixed line from Maxis. Worst still, they don’t have a choice because the area is under Maxis for fixed line…not TM. I think Maxis should follow TM way of doing things when it come to providing fixed line service…for continual improvement.

For Maxis information we were granted RM70.0 million banking facilities by Maybank and nemerous tender awarded to us totalling more than RM200.0 million, yet getting a Fixed Line from Maxis is more difficult than getting credit facilities from Banks. If Maxis choose to look we were once Maxis Voice Autodialer Installer from 2004 to 2006. Yet despite showing 3 files to the Maxis Klang Manager that shows our tract records, he choose to look the other way and insist on the 3 months Bank Statement

We have also written to Ministry of Energy,Water and Telecommunication through their website. Hopefully Ananda Krishnan can personally look into this matter or Kementerian should be make a stand on the fixed line business as talking to Maxis personel are frustating as they either don’t know the subject matter or indifferent to the customer needs. Being the largest telecommunication company in Malaysia surely has make Maxis forgot the reason why they are there on the first place>>Customer satisfaction.

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