Friday, March 8, 2013



Sabah, was originally ruled by the Sultan of Brunei. In 1704, in gratitude for help extended to him by the Sultan of Sulu in suppressing a revolt, the Sultan of Brunei ceded Sabah to the Sulu Sultan.

In 1878, under threat from Spanish army, Sultan Sulu at that time desperate for money lease the land now known as Sabah to 
Austrian adventurer, by the name of Baron de Overbeck for 5000 ringgit (USD 1600) a year. Thats how all of this started. Sabah then was sold by Overbeck to Alfred Dent in 1881 who formed British North Borneo Company.

Eventually  in 1946, the British North Borneo Company transferred all its rights and obligations to the British Crown. The British Crown, on July 10, 1946 — just six days after Philippine independence — asserted full sovereign rights over North Borneo, as of that date.

As such folks no more Sulu Sultan anywhere because the British has cemented full sovereign rights in 1946, just like what happen to Maharajah in India or Majapahit in Indonesia , or even Sultan Melaka in Melaka.

Reason why the Sultanate relinquished his rights and soverignity to Sabah for propriety right only is because of money they didnt have and only because of money they only wanted.

Its was also most likely to gain recognition from the British and Americans and Dutch for economical reasons for trade during that point of time.

Today this heir receives his ancestor's compensation only because of goodwill from Malaysia respecting a heir of this extended Sultanate beyond their border.  Remember if Malaysia tak bayar ini duit pun tak ada apa mereka boleh buat.  But Malaysia being Malay majority and Islam and baik hati bagi juga USD5000 a year.

The Sultan nothing more than the American Red Indian Soux Chief.

They are uneducated terrorist in modern day times trying their best to be heard for all their wrong ideologies. 

These fanatics /racist group aka Sulu Sultanate people are crazy for starting and waging wars and its certainly obvious they want no peace with anyone.

Its their selfish livelihood to kill in order to conquer with their fanatical reasons. This war is all about muslims killing muslim, a brother against brother until the Kiamat.

And in my earlier articles I have already stated who invited this thugs to come to Sabah and make ridiculous claims.

May Allah save Sabah and Malaysia and provides Makam Mahmudan for those Malaysian security forces that died during this act of terror.

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