Friday, March 1, 2013

Latest update on Lahad Datu

Updated at 4:56 PM. The Police will have a Press Conference in Lahad Datu soon (about 5:30 PM). Police say everything is under control. The remaining Sulu gunmen are on the run. A curfew has been declared in Lahad Datu town, 165 km from Felda Sahabat. This is for safety reasons only.  There have been no incidences anywhere else outside the Felda Sahabat area. Two Policemen have been killed and three more injured. The Sulu gunmen have lost 12 people killed on their side. The rest are trying to escape. The area is fully cordoned off. -end update-

I'm terribly sad because it will come down to this.  And all of us knew its a matter of time that our forces will go in.

Mind you all this started because the Sulus fire on two policemen and provoked. Reportedly both of them died.

The Sulus will end up like the ALmaunah and Memali.. poor them.

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