Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LAHAD DATU UPDATES :Philippines are worried they cant handle their own refugees .

Ayah bodoh anak bangang

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines conveyed to Malaysia yesterday the readiness of the sultanate of Sulu to “disengage” with Malaysian forces in Sabah to prevent further bloodshed.
“Yesterday we were asked to convey a message to the Malaysian side regarding disengagement. The secretary of foreign affairs was able to convey this clarification regarding the issue. We will be waiting for response,” foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez said in a press briefing.
He said Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario had contacted Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman to relay the message. The DFA did not provide details.
“The foreign minister needed to consult with relevant authorities after which we can expect a response,” he said.
Hernandez emphasized that the government has been exerting efforts to settle the Sabah issue peacefully as a humanitarian crisis looms due to the influx of refugees from the territory.
“There were some things that needed to be clarified,” he said, referring to the Camp Crame meeting between Secretary Manuel Roxas II of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Sultan Bantilan Esmail Kiram II, a brother of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III.

1.  I pray hard for Malaysian Governtment not to negotiate .
2. SURRENDER unconditionally and lay down all arms.
3. Philippines government and media are selfish, they are accusing Malaysia of human right abuses.
4. Thruth is they cant handle the sudden return of their own people who have been staying in Sabah.
5. They are illegals who works and cari makan in peaceful Sabah.
6. The Sulus intrusions has cost this illegals their daily meals. Now they are running back home.
7. And the poor philippines cant handle to feed their own people.

And can you believe it? They especially Philippines good for nothing media are trying to put the blame on us for human right violations ?

What human rights are you talking about when all this while we let your people stays in Sabah undisturbe so that they can live peacefully.

What human rights there is to consider when your Sulus shot 8 of our policemen , and brutally mutilated their bodies after killing them?

What kind of fucking people you are Pinoy?

We are just trying to keep our country safe. So we did all we can. Too bad if the illegals are scared and run away back home to Philippines. They are your people.. FEED THEM!
You are scared of humanitarian crisis because of refugees ? WTF ! they are not refugees..they are your own fucking Pinoy! ..take them back and feed them you bloody idiots !

*apologize for excessive cursing (dengan izin).
This is what the Philippines should do if they want any kind of negotiations ... Please use your brains Pinoy., Yor people started all this not us
Though neither the Philippine or Malaysian government has mentioned it yet, I think that an apology by the Philippines to Malaysia is a necessary prelude to any Malaysian agreement to any Philippine disengagement strategy.

Of course, many Filipinos will not agree to this; the typical Filipino response when they are caught in the wrong is to try to get everyone to ignore that anything bad happened. If that's not possible, the typical Filipino will resort to the "Maawa po" strategy employed by thieves, killers, and rapists. Kiram has already tried to employ both strategies; his calling for a ceasefire on the heels of the UN statement is an attempt to make the Malaysians come out as the "bad guys". That fell through with Malaysia's "Are you kidding?" response.

More recently, Kiram put out a "I'm the Poorest Sultan in the World" statement which is akin to "Maawa po". Not only is such a strategy not effective, but it's also senseless and pathetic in light of his earlier "We'll die ( actually They'll die; Kiram is safe in Metro Manila, isn't he. ) to the last man" rhetoric.

In civilized countries like Japan, when anyone does something wrong or shameful, the first step is usually a heartfelt apology, followed by sincere actions to make amends. I believe that the Philippine government is sincere in it's desire to stop the violence which was started by a selfish and self centered Filipino Sultan and his backers and followers.

But, I sincerely think that the Philippines needs to apologize to Malaysia too for allowing Kiram the Sultan to disrupt the peace of Sabah and it's population. Take away all the "Rambo" posturing and rationalizing, and we come up with a very simple truth; Filipinos invaded Malaysia, so THIS is YOUR fault.!

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