Saturday, March 16, 2013


UPDATE : Told you folks the room looks familiar. My comment at SAA blog on the room has just been confirm by another reader .

Just replace the kingsize bed with double beds..and wallaa.. you get the same room.

Anyway the picture or video must have been taken before 2011, because the hotel room has been extensively renovated during 2011 and completed the same year.  I book a room there for an Indonesian friend way back in 2008, and the room look exactly like the black and white picture.

Anyway the Hotel is perfect for those who wanted privacy and doesn't want anybody to know. It has a lorong tikus that can bring you to the Lifts, by-passing lobby and the crowds on ground floor. Just park you car in the basement and walk to the lorong tikus , provided you have the room key that double up as pass card through a door before you can reach the Lifts.

Original Posting

Gambar di atas tiada kena mengena dengan sesiapa yang hidup atau telah mati.

Damn the hotel room look familiar !

Anyway you can see more pictures here and here .

VIEWER DISCRETIONS ARE HEREBY ADVISED. !! Kalau anda muntah breakfast pagi tadi jangan marahkan saya .. LOL

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