Thursday, July 28, 2011


Football has always been close to my heart. Malaysian football that is. During my younger days I never miss rushing back from the office and straight to Stadium Merdeka for football game be it Malaysian team or Piala Malaysia games.

Lately Malaysian team has discover their former glory.  There were times when Stadium National Bukit Jalil play host to Malaysian team and the stadium was 3/4 empty.  Today you can't even get a ticket to watch Malaysia vs Singapore game.

So you see how extra effort by players  can make hell lot of different in term of fan supports.  If you play like school kids which what our National team were then, nobody would go through all the hassle to watch ball game in Stadium.  But if you play your heart out, even if you loose 5-3, fans would be behind you.

So good luck Malaysia. You need to win by 2 goals margin tonight and we will push through to the next round. As for me the days where i would rush to the stadium and soak up the atmosphere are gone.  Now its in the comfort of my living room and a cup of white coffee while watching the game.  The days when i would scream my lungs out at the ball game and came home dgn suara yang hilang are gone already.

Honestly I think the olympic team is a better bet for Malaysian football future.

By the way coach,, you don' let the same goalkeeper who let 5 goals in the last game play again if you want to win  ok.!

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