Friday, May 27, 2011

Wikileaks - Anwar di lihat lebih lemah dari Mahathir berkaitan issue Islam

A leaked 1997 diplomatic cable shows that the US had backed Dr Mahathir's version of moderate Islam but felt that Anwar was too soft to handle the religious conservatives.
The US embassy here had given its tacit approval to Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s hardline approach against Muslim conservatives in Malaysia as it was in line with the “US interests and values”, revealed a leaked US confidential cable from 1997.
However, the US diplomats were highly concerned if Mahathir’s successor as prime minister could cope with the growing Muslim conservatism.
They were specifically worried if Anwar Ibrahim, who was Mahathir’s deputy at that time, had the “political position or the desire to take on Muslim conservatism as vigorously as Mahathir has done”.
“Moreover, Anwar, if he does become the next PM, will not have Mahathir’s almost unquestioned authority. Thus, for political reasons he may be reluctant to take strong stands that upset the vocal religious constituency,” they added.
The US cable stated that Mahathir’s moves to modernise Islam made even the moderates feel anxious over the tone and direction taken by the prime minister.
However, the top US diplomat felt that Mahathir “consistently advocates a moderate Islam squarely in line with US interests and values”.
“The PM, for better or worse, is not afraid to take on anyone, including conservative Islamic groups that generally have negative views toward the US.
“Mahathir is also important as a voice of moderation within the international Islamic community,” added the secret cable.
There you go folks. Even way back in 1997, the US do not have the confidence that Anwar will be as good as Mahathir if he becomes PM.
The US were worried if Anwar becomes PM he will not be able to deal with the conservative Muslim.
This leak cable correspondence triggers a few things in my mind. 
1. US have anything to do with Anwar being dismiss as Deputy PM in 1998?
2. Anything to do with all Anwar mishaps?
3. Does Anwar have a chance to become PM in the future?
4. Anwar knew that he does not have the grade to become PM?
5. Is it true that the US has in their posession technical prove of Anwar homosexual activity?.
Funny thing is Anwar always picture himself in good book as far as the US is concern then and now.
SO Anwar dream on...

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