Saturday, May 7, 2011

Singapore election - they have a dream

I was in Johor Bharu last nite, staying at M-suites at Pantai Lido. Across the strait is Singapore.

Spending the night in JB means i had the opportunity to watch Singapore TV. Last night from Singapore channels dedicated the night for political speeches from all the contending parties.

Because yesterday was a cooling off day before today's election, the only campaign they can do were via official speeches in TV.

Maybe we can adopt that system also.  Cooling of day and provide 30 minutes airtime for all political parties to the night before the election.

It was interesting how matured oppositions are in Singapore. Their campaign strategies based mainly on standard of living, health care, housing, job security, and threat of foreign workers. These are bread and butter issues for all which apparently PAP has failed in many ways.

PAP is more concern on GDP growth of Singapore, overlooking the basic needs of Singaporean.

From what i have heard, Singaporean are being deprive of affordable health care and housing. The average Singaporean earn enough to get by, but not enough to have what they want. Thats what you get when The father pass to the son the post of PM.

Good luck Singaporean, maybe you can vote today to show that PAP need a slap on their hand.

Don't dare dreaming throwing PAP from the government, its not going to happen.

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