Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just over 1% of Malay Student get Scholarship in Singapore

Ok here is a situation that could happen by the year 2020 if we the orang Melayu refuse to buck up and at the same time we are not united.

As proven by our good jiran Singapore, they only provide scholarship to orang melayu di sana only 1% of the total Public Service Commission scholarship. PSC is equivalent
Of our JPA here.

The statistic was brought up by Pritam Singh in the Singapore election campaign. Of course Pritam is not from PAP. This is as reported by The Star today.

Now lets compare that to 15% total Malay population in Singapore. Is that fair? Owh but of course PAP says we practice meritocracy, which indirectly saying orang Melayu Singapura tidak layak atau tidak cukup pandai utk scholarship. If that is the case why PAP never provide education and economic opportunities so that the. Malay can excell and compete accademicaly?

Why ..the answer is very clear ..meritocracy is just a cover for racist policy of taking care chinese interest in Singapore.

Ok now folks compare that 1% to the ratio of JPA scholarship that BN governtment provide.

Malay 60% cina 35% India 5%. Ini bukan official figure jangan marah saya ok. But that is a fair figure going by what you can observe at preparatory college where JPA student is place. Kalau lari pun dalam +- 5% sahaja.

The fact is we are being too nice to others. Compared that to our racist jiran Singapura, kita ini terlalu baik. Thats why DAP mahu jijak lagi kepala kita.

Now folks what do you think will happen if DAP memerintah melalui Pakatan Rakyat.?

We all knows that Anwar cananot say anything, his ball is going to be squeeze hard by DAP. PAS pulak tak mahu biasiswa untuk duniawi, mereka anak anak mereka pergi mesir sahaja

So you wont be wrong if you guess the figure as follows ..Malay 2% cina 97% India 1% for JPA scholarship in the year 2020.. If DAP perintah Malaysi ok.

Reason??. ,Meritocracy..(kasik semua untuk cina ba alip ba ya)

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Anonymous said...

Betul fikir2 kan lah wahai pemimpin dan org2 melayu...kita belum terlambat.