Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bloggers for Bloggers

This is from Rocky Bru's blog:

A FRIEND IN NEED. Kerp was introduced to me on Dec 27, 2006 by Bernard aka Zorro Unmasked at a Christmas party in Subang.  I was driving back from JB on the North-South Highway and something in the engine faltered and the SUV would not go faster than 80km an hour, so I rang Bernard and told him that I might not make it to his do.

"Rocky, this guy would really, really like to meet you. Just get here in one piece," Bernard ordered.

I'm glad I made it to the party and met wheelchair-bound Kerp, or Ahmad Daniel, struck by tragedy as a teenager. We were to meet several times at Kak Ton's for her great and sorely-missed mi rebus, Kerp would start a kick-ass blog, and later a column with The Malay Mail when I came back as its Editor.

Last year was a very big year for Kerp, he and sweetheart Molee finally got married. But this year, another tragedy struck.

"... it was the best thing ever happened my entire life. And it still does and i believe forever it shall be. But good things at some point will come to an end,  or hopefully temporarily. When we thought our beautiful marriage life can only get better, another tragedy struck, this time to Molee, my dear wife. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer and as i write this the dreadful bad cells have spread to her lower vertebra, which means a radiation treatment is compulsorily required…." - Kerp

Today, on Wesak Day, the people at the Blog House Malaysialaunched the B4B = Kerp campaign, a charity drive to help Kerp takes care of Molee's medical expenses. In the coming days and weeks, we will be approaching our loaded friends in politics and business to ask for their help.

Dear Readers, if you wish to send Kerp a donation, please do the following:

  1. Bank in your contribution to MAYBANK - acc No – 1642 5846 2732 AHMAD DANIEL SHAH B SHARANI.
  2. Send an email on your contribution and amount to mybloghouse@gmail.com so that we can update Kerp of your contribution (and keeping a countmeter as well!)
  3. As we are aware that some people may take advantage of the situation, always point your posting links back to www.bloghousemalaysia.com website
Fellow bloggers, please don't hesitate to make a posting on B4B=Kerp campaign to create greater awareness. 

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