Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Siapa yang akan mereka undi pada PRU13?

Last night I was at Bangi Kopitiam in Shah Alam (Seksyen U2 TTDI Jaya).

The picture below adalah gambar hiasan sahaja bukan di ambil malam tadi ,
There were a good cross section demographic wise of orang Melayu having a sip of tea n coffee at 10 p.m. Sudah maju dan berjaya orang orang Melayu di Shah ALam. Sekumpulan anak muda with Lancer (Mitsubishi) T-shirt and their Lancer's (mind you its original Lancer not the Inspira version) were enjoying themselves with a cup of tea and in the company of their ladies friend.

In the air-con room, a group of middle-aged, white hair and have that "pencen" look on their faces were having a private get together (with wives in toe of course),

And sitting two tables from mine were 2 lovely ladies in red and pink t-shirt, they must be 30 something. And to add to their sophisticated look, they were smoking too.

The thought immediately cross my mind... if PRU 13 is call in the near future.. who will they vote for? All are Melayu, well informed, well to do and liberal by the look.

Shah ALam used to be an UMNO stronghold. At the peak of Reformasi and during 1999 election the MP seat and all the DUN seats, masih lagi berjaya UMNO pertahankan semua kerusi2 itu and in 2004 of course.

2008 kita semua tahu apa yang berlaku.

PRU13 who knows how its going to turn out. This much we knew, the Chinese will no longer vote for BN. Folks, the Melayu I mentioned above are the one who will hold the decisive vote. BN lost so much form the Urban/ middle class/ well informed/ as well younger Melayu below 40 during the last GE.

These group of Melayu couldn't care less about UMNO. They are the type who takes things for granted, as if nothing would change their lives even if BN no longer in power and DAP rule Malaysia.

These are the Melayu yang perlu di beri kesedaran tentang realiti politik di Malaysia. If they can be conviced, BN will get back 2/3 majority in PRU13..full stop.

Focus on Melayu baru seperti mereka and let the Chinese be damn.

Note: ...Peti undi TTDI JAYA tidak pernah di menangi oleh UMNO since 1999.

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