Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Racism reared its ugly head in SARAWAK ELECTION 2011

The end of Sarawak Election 2011 proved what i fear the most, the chinese will only vote for their own kind. You can read further here what Tun Mahathir views on this. 

All hell break loose when Awang Selamat editorial in Utusan Malaysia pointed to the facts that most of us are trying to hide . 

Semua pengamal perkauman terus melompat anda boleh lihat di mana2 blog alternatif media komen oleh bangsa bangsa pendatang ini.. You can read what Awang replies on the matter here.

I agreed totally with Jebat Must Die comments on the issue "DAP blatantly used race and religion in order to garner votes from its targeted audience; the chinese. Instill hatred towards their benefactors. Bite the hand that fed them all these years. It is okay to do this because under the spirit of 1Malaysia, the hand will continue to fulfill their demands due to some misplaced generosity.

Use race to get the chinese votes, and use religion to get Iban votes. That was the approach.
The chinese particularly have this perception that they should vote for opposition so that they could have a bigger voice through an aggressive minority force. They will always get what they wanted even if they do not vote for Barisan Nasional anyway.
There are views that the Sarawak chinese must be dealt with a reprimanding action plan. The most obvious would be the non inclusion of the party representing the community in the state cabinet."
My take on this issue is simple..UMNO/BN must from now on do more for the Malay and Bumiputra. Do not shower the chinese with kindness anymore. Please pay tribute to those who support you the most. As we have seen all this while how the chinese bermanis muka depan kita but will never vote for us. Do not be fooled again and again. The Malays are to accomodative to the chinese. Sudah sampai masa kita perlu firm.
And to those Malay who still support PR ..wake up and smell the coffee guys.  You guys are going to the dangerous territory that you might regret later on.  

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