Thursday, April 28, 2011

Datuk Eskay we salute and thank you for your conviction and tenacity.

Datuk Eskay on Anwar Ibrahim :

"He is known as a moral man, honest and sincere in his political struggles, but in truth, it is the contrary.
He is cunning enough to pretend to be a fair and pious man of character, but instead, he performs deed that do not reflect rational thinking and Islamic values.

I know Anwar well and that is why i believe that he will never change.... he will never regret his action. Although he faces many allegations, he will never repent and has no ounce of guilt."

Anwar Ibrahim on Eskay :

Zero ..nothing .. tak berani sebut siapa Eskay, and what is Eskay to him. Berani buat polis report sahaja tentang ugutan dari Eskay supaya Anwar dan Azizah meletak jawatan,

For all the huha that we have seen today, on how Anwar mengamok with reporters and on how cool and compose Datuk Eskay with his press conference and answering reporters, only the dungus cannot differentiate between truth and fake, between right and wrong , between honesty and hypocrite, and between love and hate.

I sincerely wish and doa all my friends who are on the other side of the fence to open your eyes and heart so that you can see Anwar for what he truly is.

All of us Malaysian, one way or the other have been lied to by this arrogant, self centered and self serving son of Ibrahim. He is in no way should be our Prime Minister or for that matter Ketua Pembangkang. Shame on you PAS and DAP and all PKR members for condoning such a munafiqun to lead you. Shame on you the ulamak in PAS for ALLAH has shown all of us bit by bit the truth about Anwar but you refuse to see.

May Allah give you the strength Datuk Eskay to do the Sumpah Laknat, and may the truth be known to all.

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