Monday, February 9, 2009

Bukit Gantang By-Election Pakatan Rakyat Supporter - Use your brain for once

When PKR won Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu By- Election, Pakatan Rakyat Leader say thank you to SPR because they won. Hj Hadi say thank you to SPR Chairman when PAS won in KT and say that the byelection went smoothly and fairly . Why , because they won. Now, they want to sue him. Why , because they lost.

When PKR De-Facto @ Prime Minister in Waiting @ King of Frogs Leader say he will take over Putra Jaya as more than 30 BN MPs are crossing over to Pakatan, in an event he openly send his people to Taiwan to chase MPs and to lure them to join PR, he says its what the Malaysian people wants. He went round the world with Aljazeera, BBC, Aust Network etc and declare it to the whole world.Crossing over is legal and sangat bermoral. We will march to Putra Jaya. When Bota jump to PKR its legal, wise and its what the people want, but when Bota jump back to BN its illegal. Why? because they lost.

When The PKR leader was freed of sodomy charges back then , the say they got justice. The court is fair. When RPK was released from ISA by the court not long ago, they say its a new era of Justice System in Malaysia. Why? because they won. Now, they have start to say that the two independent ADUN who were charged for corruption will be found not guilty because they now supported BN. Actually the PR Govnmt had already gave the Judgement NOT GUILTY to this 2 ADUNs when they were still allowed to be EXCO. Every single PR leader and their supporters were at the court when these 2 ADUN were charged then and said its a conspiracy . But now, they are Guilty Already but the Court will free them. Why ? because they lost.

I have always said that for PR supporters, Pakatan Rakyat is sacred. They can do anything and its ok and halal. If they win, then everyone is good, super and fair. But like what happen in Perak now, Even they dare the Sultan. Karpal Singh is threatening the Sultan of Perak. Read this as reported by The Star 6th Feb : Pakatan Rakyat will take legal action against the Sultan of Perak and Barisan Nasional if they persist in appointing a new BN mentri besar at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar on Friday, DAP chairman Karpal Singh said. Why? because they lost.

To Mr Karpal Singh, We will protect our Kesultanan Melayu.

The coming Bukit Gantang by election ...hmm more of the same, if PR win, they will dengan mengah nya say rakyat negeri Perak telah menunjukkan mereka tidak setuju dengan Sultan Perak dan BN, and SPR is fair aand bla.. blaa..bla.. WHY? because they won.. IF they lose.. hmmm. we all knew what they will say..i dont have to type i here

PR never be graceful in defeat ..malah bongkak bila menang...

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