Monday, March 17, 2008

Why BN Lost 2/3rd majority and 5 states

It has been more than a week after the election. The dust has settled . I wish when UMNO do their post mortem they would consider some of this issues that i beleived contributed significanly to the swing vote to oppositions:

1. Issue Jambatan Bengkok....
2. Perception of Khairy running the country
3. Altantuya Murder
4. Lingam case
5. Hindraf issue
6. Chua Soi Lek scandal
7. Inability of Pak Lah to push Samy Velu aside
8. Price increase for essential goods
9. Mahathir outspokenness against Pak Lah
10. Inability of police force to solve crime
11. Perception of mega contracts given to cronies
12. WPI as a way to sell land to Singapore
13. MCA infighting and their inability to present chinese grouses
14. UMNO leaders aloftness
15. Internet and blogs are sources of news to the young and educated as much as Utusan Malaysia to orang kampung.
16. THe choices of candidates baffles many including UMNO members themself which unturn vote the opposition
17. There are so much hatred to BN this time around that voting opposition is the only choice to show thei dissapoointment
18. Pouring tons f money during campianing period will not make much different if rakyat feel slighted for the past 4 years.
19. UMNO should read the blogs..the internet news..and variousdiscussions groups in the internet. If they have done that..they would not be supprise on the result.

On a bigger picture..UMNO need to change otherwise come the next election ...we we loose the election. Change can be prompted by changing the existing leadership. Change can be implemented by incalcucating a whole new culture for UMNO. The existing culture of win at all cost from the cawangan level branch level and national level..which give birth to money politics need to be stop once and for alll. Otherwise 5 years from now Umno will no longer be relevant to the majority of the population.

MOre to come.,

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